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Burger King Employees Quit Left a Public Message

A crew of Burger King employees fed up with their jobs took their complaints with their bosses out in public along with a simple message on the display sign of the outlet that has gone viral since then.

“WE ALL QUIT”, “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE”, the sign read, which was placed outside the Lincoln, Nebraska eatery. The message, which was taken down by the restaurant’s management on Saturday, was a big achievement of a crew of displeased employees who had decided to quit the job over problematic working conditions and long working hours.

The former general manager of Rachael Flores was among the nine workers who left their job at Burger King. She said that she once landed in the hospital due to dehydration caused after working in the steamy kitchen without even air conditioning. The kitchen had reached a temperature of over 90°.

She said that her staff planned up the idea for the board. Flores’ boss then told her to call it a day, hand over her keys, and she was fired, the outlet told KLKN-TV.Another ex-worker, Kylee Johnson, told that she had only continued to work at the burger joint to help out Flores, whose restaurant was badly understaffed. Some said that they were tired of the monotony of the job. Two other former employees said that the management is why people are quitting. They believe that different locations of the outlets may have similar experiences.

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