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Boeing Delays Deliveries due to Manufacturing Flaws

As per the trusted sources of information, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that Boeing will solve another manufacturing flaw found in its 787 Dreamliner planes, which is yet to be delivered to the customers.

In the month of May, this year, Boeing ceased all of its Deliveries of the wide body planes for the second time in this year after the review given by the FAA regarding the manufacturer’s method of evaluating the aircraft. In the previous year, Boeing halted the delivering for five months due to the issue of incorrect spacing across some parts of the machines of 787 aircraft, along with the fuselage.

As stated by the FAA, the latest issue of the aircrafts was near the nose of certain 787 Dreamliners which are manufactured by the company by are yet to be delivered. The FAA further added that this issue was known after the on-going system wide inspection which was carried out foe Boeing’s 787.

The company did not respond immediately to the request for a comment and there was no information about how long the process might take. The FAA said that this issue is not an immediate threat to the safety of flights by Boeing and the company had committed to fix these airplanes before beginning of their Deliveries. The company has around 100 Dreamliners which are yet to be delivered. The delay of the v of the flights is likely to bring a financial strain on the company as the clients make the payments after delivery is done.

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