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Appro-Rx and AscellaHealth collaborates to offer Specialty Pharmacy Services for Lower Payer Costs and better Patient Outcomes

AscellaHealth, an international specialty healthcare and pharmacy solutions company, made an announcement on Tuesday August 3, 2021, regarding a partnership with Appro-Rx, a nationwide prescription profit management company, to be a its specialty pharmacy solutions and services provider.

CEO, Business Division, Appro-Rx, Kyle Fields said that as an emerging health information Technology Company and pharmacy benefit manager, they are happy about the partnership with AscellaHealth, a pioneering company that follows the same mission to bring transparency and pricing fairness to the PBM industry, particularly for high-price specialty drugs. Specialty drugs are immensely more costly than their conventional drug equivalents and this partnership not only allows their clients to appreciate considerable cost savings but also to enhance health outcomes for their workers.

AscellaHealth pioneering specialty infusion and pharmacy services offer cost-saving discounts on treatment medications with appropriate access to patient support programs, data-driven reporting and therapies- all of which provide help to perk up patient health outcomes and adherence, thus optimizing the patient journey.

Appro-Rx offers customers with customizable formularies, Medicare Part D and Medicaid formularies, national commercial, prescription drug claims processing to focus on prescription benefit management tools, individual needs and other IT needs. Their projects present a variety of tiers, with a spotlight on dollar copayments or coinsurance including brand and generic in mail, at the retail and specialty distribution level.President and CEO, AscellaHealth, Dea Belazi said that this happening partnership will offer help developing specialty medication compliance and promote a superior level of plan member satisfaction – at the same time helping payers harness in the astounding prices of specialty drugs.

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