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Apple cannot Give Protection against Pegasus

As per the trusted sources of information, the Apple iPhones can be compromised to get hold of their sensitivce data and can be stolen through hacking software which does not require anything such as the user’s click on link as mentioned in the report by Amnesty International which has been published on Sunday.

The agency further added in its report that the discovered iPhones belong to the journalists and human rights lawyers that have been under the attack of the NSO group’s Pegasus malware which can provide attacker access to the messages, phone’s camera, email and several other features that are present in the phone.

The report states that the governments of several countries using the Pegasus software are successfully able to hack the iPhones of the people to spy on them using methods which are yet to be known by Apple. Even after keeping the iPhone up to date with all the security, the attacker cannot be stopped who is making use of the expensive spy software.

The nature of the attacks suggest that rising awareness regarding the safety such as not clicking on unknown links and emails may not be able to protect against the attack. The older versions of the Pegasus attack required the user to click on a certain link to check out the phone, but the newer versions don’t demand any such activity.Amnesty Group had obtained a leaked list of around 50,000 individuals which might have been a target for the spies and attackers.

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