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Amazon Warehouse to Hold In-Person Union Election Next Month

Amazon will face a union election next month at one of its Staten Island facilitates. The U.S. National Labor Relations Board told FOX Business that parties in the union election at the JFK8 Amazon warehouse in Staten Island have tentatively reached a stipulated election agreement.

The labor board gave no further details regarding the election aside from the fact that the two parties are still in discussion. Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee, tweeted that the election will be held March 25-30. He further noted that the election will be in-person rather than mail-in ballots.

U.S. National Labor Relations Board said that last month, employees at JFK8, one of two warehouses in the area pushing to unionize, “reached a sufficient showing of interest” to hold a union election.  Unions need to garner support from at least 30% of workers who are eligible to vote in order to hold an official election under the supervision of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board.This came after the workers withdrew their petition to unionize in November after running into snags over the number of current employees who had signed on.

This time around, Amazon questioned whether the union drive had enough backing even after the labor union confirmed the warehouse met the threshold.Kelly Nantel said that they are skeptical that there are a sufficient number of legitimate signatures, and we’re seeking to understand how these signatures were verified. She argued that the turn of events in the fall showed that most workers at the Staten Island warehouse don’t want to unionize.

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