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Amazon Makes it Easier for Buyers to Complain on Faulty Products

E-commerce giant Amazon makes it easier for customers to complain when they have received a faulty product from third-party sellers. The company on Tuesday launched a new return policy which is referred to as A-Z guarantee.

This feature is launched to address the defective product claims. From September 1 consumers can reach the E-commerce giant Amazon and the company will connect the customers with the seller. Currently, customers directly contact the buyers leaving out Amazon in the return process.

This change can address issues like counterfeits, unsafe products and even expired goods. The marketplace includes many third-party sellers which fetch additional revenue sources for the company. From next month the customer can file the complaint to Amazon. E-commerce giant Amazon said that it will vet the claims using a combination of independent insurance fraud experts and its fraud and abuse detection systems.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Sued the company to force it to recall the defective products last month. Many people have sued Amazon for exploding hoverboards, faulty dog collars and overheating laptop batteries. The complaint also strives for a decision that the company is a distributor or a middle man of consumer products under the Consumer Product Safety Act, not the owner of the platform through which the products are sold.The company defended itself by saying that it is just a platform and not the seller. The company also added that as a conduit between the buyer and the seller it’s not involved in the sourcing or distribution of products sold by third-party sellers.

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