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Amazon and Starbucks Unions Could Kill NYC’s post-pandemic Comeback.

New York is currently making its way toward the end of the pandemic. But, the company is also facing organized labor issues. Top company employees in the United States have decided to form Union this week. The company’s two units in the city will be filled with collective bargaining.

More private-sector Unions, on top of the ones that already sap the motivation of our municipal workers, “from accountants to zookeepers,” are the last thing the still-struggling Big Apple needs. Many Unions are not only punishing the companies but also the customers. The famous new journal New York Times reported that the e-commerce giant’s ability to speed packages to consumers has built a vast chain of manual labor that is constantly monitored by the authorities. None of the higher authorities know what will happen if the newly organized workers try to change the overall working model or even disrupt the company’s functioning.

There are many reasons why the broadway tickets are so expensive. Union featherbedding was a significant reason for the Second Avenue Subway being the “most costly subway mile on earth,” costing $2.5 billion per mile compared to $450 million per mile for a similar project in Paris.

The Newspaper Guild is a part of the print-industry Unions that drove out four New York daily newspapers in the 1960s. It came dangerously close to doing the same to the New York Post in 1993,  a disaster prevented only because union locals symbolizing printers, pressmen, drivers, and other crafts wisely declined to join the Guild’s suicide strike mission.

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