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Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation will Continue

Alaska Airlines CEO said that there will be a lot of flight cancellations due to the employee shortage. The Seattle-based company is facing a lot of problems in the past few months. The carrier has canceled a dozen of flights in the past few months.

Alaska Airlines is short of 63 pilots.  Many flights in Florida are canceled or delayed due to thunderstorms. This slowed the traffic in top travel destinations during spring break. FlightAware, a flight-tracking site, said that nearly 5,900 U.S. flights were delayed and 1,930 were canceled on Saturday.The climatic conditions highly affect airlines because it is harder to predict and take precautions. During hard times like winter storms and hurricanes, airline companies cancel flights before hours.

There tend to be cascading effects when storms disrupt crews and planes due to their unique positions.Southwest Airlines canceled nearly five hundred flights on Saturday and delayed more than a thousand flights. Nearly 10% of flights were canceled on Sunday and nearly eight hundred flights were delayed. Before the storm hit the company had paused departures for regular maintenance.

Southwest airlines sent a message that their main focus is protecting their crew network and also making sure their crew members have safe accommodation. They are also focussing on comforting the customers and they are also working to be back at service. The company also added that it is not an easy task but they also thank the customers for their patience. The company’s spokesperson also added that they have waived the price difference for the affected customers so that they can rebook air tickets for themselves.

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